Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Dreamed Coupledom

I didn't tell you about a dream I had. 

It wasn't very significant but I dreamt about my boyfriend and his family.  He was tall, rather on the leaner side than muscular, longish brunette hair and a handsome face though not extraordinary.  As he sat on the sofa scanning the pages of some magazine, his mother kissed my cheek and hugged hello.  She had been talking to my ex's mother and, like her, insisted on calling me Katherine.  It was  more than a little aggravating and my boyfriend didn't even bother to correct her.  Before I could gather my wits to say something, I woke up exhausted.  I felt like going back to sleep so I could continue my coupled existence, but realized I would be late for work were I to linger in bed...

So I faced reality with a pout, leaving my eerily happy dream in bed and sucked in a cold breath of solitude.


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