Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Money Can Buy You Happiness

I've said it before, and I stand by it still, money can buy you happiness.

According to a news cast by Yahoo! Finance, the top 5 ways to happiness can be bought through:
  1. Experiential purchases
  2. Spending on others
  3. Enrolling in auto-pay
  4. Investing in yourself
  5. Small indulgences
Two-thirds of people regret impulse purchases (I don't think I'm included in that figure lol), and 83% remember their experiential purchases.  I spend heaps of money on others and I can attest that it does make me happy to see they're happy.  Not sure about auto-pay... the reporter claims it may alleviate pressure on individuals by not having to see a bill, but I feel a bite every time.  Investing in yourself with social activities, fitness memberships and toys are a great way to stay healthy and lower stress levels by engaging the mind and body.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sugar's Effect on the Body

Being an extreme carbivore with a strong affinity toward sugar, my body practically seeps sweetness in my very breath, I'm starting to experience the point where sugar becomes toxic to the body.  So I've been doing more research and finally found a pretty good website, grammar excluded, on sugar's effect on the body.

Sugar's Effect on Your Health

Of particular interest to me was sugar's effect on insulin response, which regulates a great many things in the body including fat storage and calcium uptake.  Basically, the more sugar you eat the more fat you store, the more you have stomach issues, the less calcium you retain, the higher your blood pressure, and the more tired you get... among a myriad of other health problems.  Read more on insulin and insulin resistance to find out exactly how insulin resistance works.  It's enlightening.

Symptoms of Insulin Resistance
  • fatigue
  • brain fogginess
  • low blood sugar
  • intestinal bloating
  • increased weight and fat storage (metabolism is affected)
  • sleepiness
  • increased triglycerides
  • increased blood pressure
  • depression


Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion Mantra of the Day

Whenever possible, try to dress like a mannequin.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Food Calorimetry

I've always wondered how scientists determine how many calories are in what foods, and the derivation of the source of calories.  From an article on Slate, laboratories freeze samples in liquid nitrogen then blend it into a fine monochromatic powder from which to test.  Removal of the nitrogen via the Kjeldahl process allows scientists to calculate the amount of protein.  Fats are determined through a hexane extraction, and carbohydates are what remains after fats and proteins are isolated.

Of course, one could always burn the sample and measure all the heat released as calories (in the chemical sense) and convert that to kilocalories, which is what we all call "calories."  All that is given off during the burn process, however, doesn't accurately describe the amounts that is taken up by the body.

While the FDA requires that companies publish nutritional facts on foods, it doesn't specify how they are to obtain those figures.  Companies may even guesstimate values based on the USDA's published tome of nutritional data, which is available online.

Wikipedia also shows an energy density table which standardizes food energy into values actually absorbed by the body.
Food component Energy Density
kJ/g kcal/g
Fat 37 9
Ethanol (alcohol) 29 7
Proteins 17 4
Carbohydrates 17 4
Organic acids 13 3
Polyols (sugar alcohols, sweeteners) 10 2.4
Salatrims (reduced energy fat) [1][2][3][4] 25 6
Fibre 8 2
Erythritol 0 0

Pretty neat, huh?


USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ten Anti-Wrinkle Foods

Here are some anti-wrinkle foods to eat that contain the necessary nutrients to nourish the body and fight against the effects of aging.

  1. Red peppers - As much as I dislike peppers, I force myself to eat them because they contain 95 mg of vitamin C which is needed to make collagen.  As we all know, collagen keeps skin supple, firm, resilient, and moist.
  2. Sweet potatoes - contain vitamins C and A, specifically carotenoids.  Carotenoids prevent the breakdown of collagen.
  3. Sunflower seeds - contain vitamin E and linoleic acid.  Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, protecting against sun damage when combined with vitamin C.
  4. Wild salmon - Eat in moderation, of course, but this is a good source of protein which contain EPA and DHA (types of amino acids).  These protect from sun damage and prevent the onset of wrinkles.
  5. Safflower oil - contains vitamin E and linoleic acid.  Assists with skin moisture and firmness.
  6. Watermelon - contains vitamins A and C.  As an antioxidant, vitamin C can reverse UV damage to skin (according to the Academy of Dermatology).
  7. Spinach - contains vitamins A, C, and E.
  8. Oranges - contains heaps of vitamin C.  Prevents the sailor's blight, scurvy, and aids in maintaining moisture in skin with fewer wrinkles.
  9. Tuna - source of EPA, DHA, and niacin.  Niacin increases collagen production.
  10. Peanuts - great source of protein, vitamin E and niacin.
This information was pulled from, a great site with a wealth of information on health, fitness, diet and nutrition articles.  Sophie and I started monitoring our consumption and exercise using their MyPlate tool.  Mildly tedious because you need to be on the computer frequently or write it down and transfer later, the extensive database of foods and their caloric content make it worth it and I think are a pretty accurate measure of daily net calories.  MyPlate is available as an iPhone application, but not on the Android (yet) *sad face*.

Web MD provides a great wallet-sized printout for serving sizes as well as a healthy shopping guide and list.  I also really like Web MD's BMI Plus Calculator.

Let's get healthy and stay happy!    ^.^


    Monday, July 19, 2010

    Latyrx - Lady Don't Tek No

    I'm stuck on this song by Latyrx. Awesome beat. They call it alternative hip hop.

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    My Horoscope Feat. Sarah Palin


    Today's horoscope, featured by EyeWeekly.

    Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 19)
    Love is to a successful relationship as Republicanism is to Sarah Palin. It's for sure a basic feature, but not nearly enough to make a complete picture. Sarah Palin isn't just a Republican, after all. She's also a game-hunting, folksy-talking, newspaper never-reading, Alaskan hockey mom. And your relationship is going to need a lot more than just love to be successful today.

    See?  Love isn't all I need...  But since the first premise isn't satisfied, the latter requirement is vetoed.


    Monday, May 17, 2010

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    How a Basic Sewing Machine Works

    Two Is Better Than One

    The song of the week, maybe month:
    Boys Like Girls - "Two Is Better Than One" feat. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift is back and what a great decision to work with Boys Like Girls on this song!

    I love this song because it's so romantic.  Really I've never considered myself a romantic - far too practical for that - but my imagination and whimsical character do take over offsides.  After all, life's too short to give in to defeat. 

    Dream big if you bother to dream at all...


    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    Cutest flats of the Year

    Mustard yellow flats with flower ornament by born


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    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

    I <3 The Big Bang Theory tv series. 

    One of my best friends, Sophie, shares this sentiment.  She's a brilliant graphic designer.  Take a look at the text animation she created to illustrate the rules of the famous "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" game played by Sheldon and Raj.

    People, and by "people" I mean Sop, tell me I couldn't possibly live with Sheldon were he not a fictional character.  I argue otherwise.  Like Sheldon, I tend to like things orderly and neat.  Though I do not go to the extent of organizing my cereal numerically by fiber content, I certainly would appreciate its value.  Also, he doesn't argue with social protocol and will accept your convention of it since he admits he knows nothing about it.  I would allow him to be right about anything textual and scientific, and I would be right about everything else.  It's a compromise.  That is why I <3 Sheldon. 

    (Oh, and did I mention...  He's tall.  I think I'd have to feed him more, so paper thin!)


    Monday, April 5, 2010

    The Last Airbender & Biotin

    What's wrong with being Asian?

    I wish I could answer that, not to say it's one way or another but...  Growing up with a racial background that stems from Asia but feeling wholly devoid of ties to it other than how others outwardly perceive me... feeling always like an American, plain and simple, no ties, no strings, just red, white and blue...  I've always had and still have identity issues, nothing really serious just.. you know.. here and there I wish people would go back to kindergarten when we all didn't even know what color was, no notion or concept of race.  "Race" which is a socially constructed word, antagonized and defined by each culture, embedding their biases, hatred, pride, and conceit into every word.

    So what's wrong with being Asian?  Why, when the original animation includes an all Asian cast, culture, and fairy tale, does Hollywood have to go and remove the whole animation's universe and turn it white?  What's wrong with being Asian?  What's wrong with the original?  What's so unattractive that you don't think you could sell a movie, a huge box office, with an Asian cast?  Isn't a large majority of the world's population Asian?

    Even though I'm slightly upset that Hollywood decided to rip the rights of the Asian story from Asian people, I still want to see the movie though I'm of half a mind to boycott it.  I can't help it - the Hollywood theatrics looks so convincing!  Check out the trailer for The Last Airbender.  To be even more dramatic, I feel like a child of two worlds, in neither of which I fully belong nor have a niche.  Fabuloso!

    To be completely callous and irrelevant, if you'd like healthy, thick, shiny hair and nails, I highly recommend taking biotin vitamin supplements.  They come in liquid gel capsules which made ingestion infinitely easier.  I had to do some research on it for my mom who complains of hair loss and brittle nails.  The solution is here.  Nature Made Biotin, 2500 mcg.  That's the cheapest I've found it.  I'd give it about a week to see minor results and two weeks to be happy that it's working.  No, I'm not receiving any sort of compensation or commission on selling a product.  I'm just trying to be helpful.

    Hope you had a great Easter weekend!  This is the first year in a long while I didn't do much of anything.  I did see How To Train a Dragon which was a totally cute movie.  I really would like a dragon now.  Pretty please?  I'd like the XXL one.


    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Our Gift to Her

    My brilliant idea was a success. She loved it. The stick figures are just a temp for the real portait to come later, but she seems to love it all the same.

    Yes, I am the artist. Lol


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    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Saturday, March 27, 2010

    I'm having a Sheldon moment

    Destiny has presented itself.



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    Thursday, March 25, 2010


    Lauren, by Ralph Lauren


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    Gamma Phi Beta Formal

    Circa 2006


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    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Grammar: Than vs. Then

    Here's a pet peeve: not knowing the difference between "than" and "then" and using the words interchangeably. 

         As a conjunction: "used in comparisons, to introduce the basis of comparison" (Wiktionary).
                    I am a lot shorter than my sister Jodie, who is four years older than me.
         As a preposition: "introduces a comparison, and is associated with comparatives, with with words such as "more," "less," and "fewer."  Typically, it seeks to measure the force of an adjective or similar description between two predicates" (Wiktionary).
                  There are fewer dinosaurs today than in prehistoric times; in fact, they are extinct species.

          Used as an adjective to give reference to temporal location or sequence.
                   One of my new year's resolutions is to eat dessert first, then the main meal.
                   I really enjoy shopping, it's like a disease... but then, so do most women.
          As a conjunctive: "in that case" whereby "then" is synonymous to and then, so, subsequently.
                   And then there were none...

    Please, spare me a little mercy.  Use them correctly!


    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Good Cop, Baby Cop & The Landlord

    My favorite baby comedy actor ever - Will Farrell's daughter Pearl.

    Enjoy!  I hope it brings smiles and warms your heart as it does mine.


    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    I think she will go to the zoo...

    Responds my six year old cousin:

    Apologies, I loaded this with my phone and can't figure out how to rotate it now that it's here...


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    Monday, March 8, 2010

    Entertainment Tonight

    I hate how everything about ET is just a hype. They give you a full hour of tease but ultimately leaves you with no substance after a full hour of waiting... waiting for the old lady who speaks with her mouth far too open to say something other than it'll come up next...

    You are not worth the anxiety, waste of a damn hour. Right now, right now, blah blah.


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    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Angelina Jolie Is My Mom

    I had a dream dream where I was almost a kid again but smarter.  I had brothers and my mom was... Angelina Jolie?  But she was single and dating this douche. 

    He came over as she was getting ready, excited to have this gorgeous lady but hateful of her kids and the attention she gives us.  He came over to ask for something but was denied.  I laughed.  Oh, how I reveled in his disappointment.  Then he got mad and walked out only to come back in and demand to take her car to borrow but said it in such a spiteful fashion, I could have sworn he was five.  She yelled out from the shower, "Oh, my Dad took it!"  Shocked that his master plan to foil my happiness failed, he looked over at me intently with a glimmer in his evil black eyes.  [Light foreboding music fades in]  Feigning ignorance and obliviousness, I stood reading a Dan Brown novel as I hovered about the door to protest in the event he did attempt grand theft auto.  [Fade out]

    [Scene cut.  Fade in]

    [Closeup of his face] He is walking along the sidewalk, a smug smile about his face.  He stops at the park, chuckling to himself.  "Yes," he thinks [pan out].  This is exactly what I wanted.  There he stands, cackling as he organizes a bunch of medicine bottles he stole from our garage.

    WHAT?!!?!? kind of dream is that?!  ROFL.  Don't be trying to steal my dream writing, as retarded as it is.  Copyright infringement!  =P


    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Friday, February 26, 2010

    Writing is a Blessing... And Embarrassing

    The written word is such an amazing innovation by humanity.  We use it to record histories so that it will not be forgotten through generations upon generations of confusion, deceit, skepticism, knowledge, hope, and discovery.  Reading a novel on the Kindle will never amount to the wholesome feel of holding the book in your hands, leafing through the pages and never wondering when the battery will run out.

    I absolutely love snail mail and am saddened at the prospect that one day it may cease altogether.  As is, the costs are increasing further deterring people to use it.  Instantaneous communication as provided by the glorious internet is, by no means, short of a miracle but appreciating one form shouldn't depreciate the other.  Still today I hand write letters to my friends, send cards on the appropriate occasion and motivation, and surprise people with Thinking of You packages.  Character, mood, and temperament exude themselves in your handwriting; it's easy to discern a tired wrist or an anguished letter.  We can easily doodle and allow our creative side to wander.

    While I do not plan to give up this seemingly archaic method of communication any time ever, I recognize how ephemeral physical paper can be (unless you etch it into stone? but then the stone breaks and it's the same thing) and also how embarrassing pulling out an old journal can be.  Throughout my life I've attempted to keep journals or diaries of this or that sort, and never could last more than a few weeks intermittently.  This blog  is the longest and most thorough of all, most because it's accessible in multiple mediums and least because I keep the topics on the... less embarrassing points.  Granted, I'm sure you've noticed I can be as melodramatic as Days of Our Lives but still as objective as an Olympic referee.

    Often I use my writing to share my experiences, but it also assists in relieving inner turmoil.  As if someone out there were listening... or stalking...  Either way, I'm not the only one knowing my thoughts and that's pretty fun, I admit.  Maybe I'll share some more embarrassing compositions if I can find them.  Usually if I find some old journal I burn it or shred it because .. well.. yeah.  It's embarrassing!  The world can do well with one less dramatic 14 year-old.

    I don't think I had a point in any of that.  Fabulous, eh, to be able to babble to others without uttering a sound.


    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Today's Great Songs

    Here are some songs I've listened to today that are quite memorable for me (excerpts are italicized).

    "True Affection" - The Blow

    I was out of your league, and you were 20,000 underneath the sea.  Waiving affections, you were out of my league at a distance that I didn't wanna see down to the bottom.
    "Let Go" - Frou Frou
    It gains the more it gives and it rises with the fall, so hand me that remote.  Can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow?
    "For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield
    There's battle lines being drawn, nobody's right if everybody's wrong.  Young people speaking their minds, getting so much resistance from behind.
    Also, the Death Cab for Cutie album is good (and the two twilight soundtracks for that matter).


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    Ski Telluride - Colorado

    Oy!  I've finally returned from my trip and seem unable to stay away from blogging though I had hoped spring would at least beat me back.  This trip into a marvelous winter wonderland was incredible, relaxing, expensive, yet somehow tiring.  No, it isn't that I became so involved with skiing that I wore my body weak.  Rather, I am cursed with insomnia that even their large comfortable beds could not knock me unconscious.
     My five-day stay at The Peaks Resort in Mountain Village consisted of a 20-minute ski run down a bunny slope (which was even too fast for my oldness to handle), swimming outside as I was snowed on, lounging by the fireplace, and swimming laps.  I believe it was quite apparent to the employees that I'm from California given my fins.  The amenities they provided were abundant and I rarely felt lacking in anything - except for tasty food.  Though restaurants were acclaimed five-stars they could not compare with the diversity and quality of California cuisine.

     Later we took the cute gondola - gratis, a miracle in this pricey town - across the mountain top to arrive in Telluride, CO.  Easily captured as a tiny snow globe with a population just over 2,000, one can't escape being greeted on every corner by a friend.  The small roads are devoid of traffic, rendering signal lights futile and, well, missing altogether.  As I walked along the main street lined with small shops and a handful of bars, I could see where their most happening scene began and ended.  And I loved it.

    I loved the warmth and familiarity of knowing nearly everyone littering the bars, how the beautiful clean, white snow covered every surface, and the knowledge that come spring everything would transform from white to green as the plush flora awakened from its long dormant sleep.  In my present quarterlife restlessness, prospects of great adventures in such natural wonders called out to me to stay.  Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering - there really is no outdoor activity you can't do.  It was then I proclaimed I wanted to move there, and my friends urged me on.

    Arriving back home in Orange County, I realize my desire had just been another attempt at retreating from life as I currently live it; that living in Telluride, CO would not be the luxury bath-filled experience as I had lived it; and that ultimately no matter where I am, life is just living it.


    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    <3 Eyelash Extensions

    For the eyelash challenged people, I don't know how we live without the remarkable miracle of eyelash extensions. Latisse will never amount to this. In a later edition, will blog about contact lens that make your eyes bigger. Yes. Somebody with lots dinero made my idea a reality before I could.

    I need someinvestors for my myriad of entrepreneurial ideas...

    Loving the sunny days,


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    Monday, February 15, 2010

    My Chocolate Holiday

    Spent the day waiting for a friend to come around and hang out as another one was on standby to join us when the person arrived.

    No show.  NO call.  No text.

    Thank you.  I don't mind that you decided not to come, but it'd have been appreciated had I gotten a courtesy notice.

    After waking  up from my 4th napadoo from waiting all day, I found out I got surprise flowers - my favorite ones!  Thank you, ex boyfriend.  You made my day better!  <3

    For a Chocolate Holiday, I just realized I didn't eat a single piece.  Instead, I found myself through half a bag of cheesy Doritos and squash soup.  No matter - the day is young, and I'm STILL SLEEPY.

    I will be in Colorado.  See you in the spring or when I return, whichever comes last.  Commencing hibernation.


    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    A Quarter Century Day - 9 February 2010

    The day was pummeled with rain.  After speaking with various people, the notions about the day's auspicious or portentous aura came down to the rain meaning wealth was upcoming ... or sadness.  In my still optimistic attitude i feel that much good will happen this year and wealth not be much of a poor affair; however, on a realistic note often tied to financial issues are despair.  But I don't care.  It does little good to admit defeat to Fate.  I think all will be well for me so long as I keep my spirits high and continue looking forward.

    It was a most delightful day, kept casual and intimate.  Friends and colleagues celebrated with simple foods, delicious desserts, and tasteful beer.  It's been a busy few weeks and I've been letting things slip down my priorities ladder so must get back on track soon.  Afterward, I went home and discussed some longstanding issues with my aunt and uncle then proceeded to watch Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory.  It was most satisfactory.  I am surprised to see that Leonard actually got a shot at Penny but feel it was end part of the plot were he to succeed.

    I was going to start a journal yesterday but was so busy it didn't happen - not to mention I don't know where my journal is hiding. 

    It is soon to be Chocolate Holiday and Lunar New Year on Sunday 14 February 2010.  I don't usually believe in sending out cards for such a commercial "holiday" but figure this year care cards are certainly due.  As part of my existential mood, I suppose, it'll help me maintain strong meaningful relationships and forge closer bonds.  While the meaning of life is quite loaded with ideas more abysmal than string theory, I think part of it strives to find happiness.  Simple happiness.

    Some wonderfully tasty dessert places in Irvine that I would recommend to any sweet tooth like myself:
    • 85 Degrees Celsius Bakery - Diamond Jamboree Plaza - freshly baked savory and sweet breads, novelty desserts, and teas, coffees, boba drinks
    • Guppy House - Diamond Jamboree Plaza - the best dark chocolate brick toast - don't forget to add the strawberries!
    • Mochilato - Walnut Plaza off Culver Drive - the perfect combination of Italian gelato ice cream and Asian mochi - they also have delectable shaved ice and don't skimp on the condensed milk
    Oh, and today is my baby brother's 17th birthday.   HOORAH! 
    Happy Birthday, Terrence!  - Love, Philip

    With that, I leave you with a short tweet from a fabulously creative, witty, satirical, and comical book called Twitterature.


    Sunday, February 7, 2010


    I had the most pleasant visit to Texas this weekend. I'm tired and had poor sleep, but sleeping on the floor for two nights is bound to do that to you.
    An unique chain there is a burger joint called Whataburger. No, this isn't a food review as I didn't eat there. I did have a go at the Salt Lick BBQ and Crab Shack & Oyster Bar. Salt Lick reminded me of a Viking food hall with long wooden bench tables and a quite boisterous bunch. Crab Shack is most certainly better than CA's Joe's Crab Shack, though demonstrably smaller but still crowded. While I am no big fan of shellfish, has a flavorful offering of crawfish but a little too salty for my bland palette. Great atmosphere though and cheap beer!
    My first Texan beer was the simply delightful Shiner Bock. Next on my list is Lonestar.
    I really like Austin and Round Rock. I love the open space, the big open sky not covered by tall buildings. I enjoy walks on windy trails, small streams, and beautiful white egrets peering through the trees. It just seems so peaceful. One aspect I never enjoy is the long drive through agri-land to get anywhere. The developed sprawl spreads far, wide, and sparsely.
    I think I'll buy some acreage and raise horses.


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    Thursday, February 4, 2010

    Devyn's Fairy Costume - Complete!

    Finally, four months late, my fairy dress is complete. It is a bit on the long side (goes to my knees), but I can always slut it out later. For now it remains a cute and classy fairy dress. Alone it would work brilliantly for a spring outdoor wedding or summer soiree.  I'm very proud of my color selection, the wings look fabulous with it.


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    Friday, January 29, 2010

    Sad Epiphany

    I know why most people don't want to change - nobody believes that they will even if they do, nobody believes we can. As if they're the Fates themselves, we're told our own futures by those that think they know us, that we're going to make the same mistakes, that we're just like so-and-so, that we're naive. Then, because we're weak, sensitive humans, we start to falter and believe the non-believers. We want to let ourselves fall into their burning mold, live the charcoaled picture they try to etch into our skins.

    Don't. Don't give in. Don't believe them because you CAN. Be different. Be better. The hardest struggles are within yourself. Once you're completely trusting and confident in You, everyone Else becomes a mere shadow. Make them believe, even if you hardly believe yourself. Paint your portrait more colorful with everything in you, so bright they are stunned by its brilliance.

    It isn't easy, being me. Me, whom I hardly know, apparently is BFF with Them which makes it difficult to be one other than what They tell me I am. Locked up labyrinth of cotton candy.


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    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    According to the Navy - Who I Am

    I registered on the US Air Force and Navy websites to learn more about opportunities they offer.  Growing up, I said that if I ever went into the military I would join the Air Force...  But looking at their officer ranks, it's so similar to the Marines and Army.  Superficially, the Navy ranks look more chic.  (I'm so bad, I know ha ha.)  You know what, I think I'm slightly biased and influenced from an early age due to watching "Gilligan's Island" - such an awesome show!  Anyway, I took a quiz because, even in my age, I'm not sure where I'm headed.  This quiz seemed to capture me better than all those social whatever sites with personality quizzes.

    Your Who I Am Results

    You’re down with the team. You’ll do whatever it takes.
    You’re into mellow. You like it when you have time to sort things out and figure out the best way to get it done.
    You want to taste it, touch it, see it and experience it all. Now.
    You have a brain and you use it. You read books without pictures in them. You want to go to school, get ahead and do it right.
    There’s one person you can always count on — you. You do it best on your own. Nothing’s wrong with teams, they’re just not your thing.
    You like living on the edge. Snowboarding. rollerblading and mountain biking… you’re down with extreme sports and anything that gives you a thrill.
    No surprises. That’s what you’re about. You like knowing ahead of time what’s going to happen and what’s expected of you.
    The people you work with are more than the people you work with — they’re your family.

    Your Life Accelerator™ Results

    1. Innovator 18

      The Innovator Profile
      Innovators are artistic and like to apply their imagination to invent creative things or find unique ways of doing things. They see themselves as expressive, original and independent. Does this sound like you?
      Activities and Interests
      If you’re an Innovator, you may currently enjoy activities or hobbies such as:
      • Performing: music, dance or drama
      • Photography
      • Visiting art museums
      • Painting, sketching, design or creative writing
      • Making homemade crafts or sewing
      • Travel
      • Learning foreign languages
      Work Environments
      Innovators like unstructured work situations and prefer to work in roles where creativity is valued.
      As an Innovator, it’s likely you’ll enjoy careers that allow you to:
      • Express yourself creatively
      • Think imaginatively or conceptually
      • Produce or review artistic works

    2. Problem Solver 16

      The Problem Solver Profile
      Problem Solvers are observant and like to figure out how things work. When challenges arise, they investigate and analyze to find creative solutions. Problem Solvers value science and math, and may view themselves as logical, but also as broad-minded, or independent, thinkers. Does this sound like you?
      Activities and Interests
      If you’re a Problem Solver, you may currently enjoy activities or hobbies such as:
      • Board games or role-playing video games
      • Visiting museums
      • Astronomy
      • Collecting: sports cards, stamps, coins or rocks
      • Fixing computers or troubleshooting Internet or software issues
      Work Environments
      Research labs, medical facilities, software testing or product development environments are all natural surroundings for the Problem Solver.
      As a Problem Solver, it’s likely you’ll enjoy careers that allow you to:
      • Figure things out by observation, research and trial and error
      • Learn or decipher complex problems or formulas
      • Apply scientific theories
      • Use microscopes, computers or other investigative tools and techniques
      • Think abstractly

    3. Planner 14

      The Planner Profile
      Planners are process oriented and often like to work with data, such as numbers or records. They are organized, sometimes systematic, and like activities that follow a pattern. Planners see themselves as attentive to detail, orderly and good at keeping to a plan. Does this sound like you?
      Activities and Interests
      If you’re a Planner, you may currently enjoy activities or hobbies such as:
      • Playing computer or card games
      • Collecting items or memorabilia from a movie or event series
      • Researching or creating a family tree
      • Helping others organize their things
      Work Environments
      Planners possess clerical and numerical abilities, and prefer to carry out tasks in detail or follow through on directions.
      As a Planner, it’s likely you’ll enjoy careers that allow you to:
      • Work within a system or defined procedure
      • Collect or organize things
      • Use computers to track and process information
      • Work with numbers or formulas
      • Be responsible for details

    4. Do-er 12

      The Do-er Profile
      Do-ers often possess athletic or mechanical abilities, and like to work with things they can see or touch, such as machines, tools or animals. They often prefer to work on their own and to work outdoors. Do-ers view themselves as practical, straight-forward and realistic. Does this sound like you?
      Activities and Interests
      If you’re a Do-er, you may currently enjoy activities or hobbies such as:
      • Sports or fitness classes
      • Hunting or fishing
      • Gardening
      • Building models
      • Repairing cars or electronics
      • Woodworking or furniture refinishing
      Work Environments
      Task-oriented activities and work environments often suit Do-ers, who enjoy the sense of accomplishment from completing an activity or project.
      As a Do-er, it’s likely you’ll enjoy careers that allow you to:
      • Work with machines, vehicles, engines or electronic equipment
      • Work with your hands and stay physically active on the job
      • Work outdoors
      • Build things

    5. Persuader 12

      The Persuader Profile.
      Persuaders are often found at the head of a group, encouraging, influencing, or guiding the team towards its goal. Persuaders value success, and see themselves as energetic, ambitious, and sociable. Does this sound like you?
      Activities and Interests
      If you’re a Persuader, you may currently enjoy activities or hobbies such as:
      • Being captain of a sports team
      • Organizing activities for your friends
      • Discussing politics or watching the stock market
      Work Environments
      The way that ideas are sold, products marketed, people convinced or a team motivated fascinates the Persuader. Persuaders like to lead not by force, but rather by convincing, encouraging and working with others.
      As a Persuader, it’s likely you’ll enjoy careers that allow you to:
      • Organize activities
      • Lead groups or teams
      • Sell things/ideas or promote activities
      • Give talks or speeches, and meet lots of new people
      • Run a business

    6. Advisor 10

      The Advisor Profile
      Advisors enjoy working with others, and personal relationships are important to them. They are often good conversationalists and have an ability to express ideas in easy-to-understand ways. Advisors value solving social problems and see themselves as helpful, friendly, and trustworthy. Does this sound like you?
      Activities and Interests
      If you’re an Advisor, you may currently enjoy activities or hobbies such as:
      • Volunteering with school, campus, church, or community groups
      • Peer counseling
      • Meeting new friends and going to parties
      • Caring for or spending time with children
      • Attending sporting events or playing team sports
      Work Environments
      Advisors seek environments where they can feel they can make a difference or offer assistance.
      As an Advisor, it’s likely you’ll enjoy careers that allow you to:
      • Teach or train others
      • Lead discussions or negotiations
      • Help others cooperate with one another
      • Do volunteer work
      • Help people cope with their problems

    The Navy is looking quite amazing to me right now...  Air Force???


    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Picture of Devyn's Gray

    No actual picture, not unlike the novel.  I saw my one gray strand, same place.  It came back.   Age is treating me unkindly, either way you look at it.  What next comes my way?  Bring it!


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    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Life: A Love-Hate Relationship

    It makes me deeply melancholy to hear of horrid things happening to beautiful people.  No, I don't just mean physically attractive people, ha...  As cliche as it is, the truth is there - people with beauty from the inside that radiates like no sun in our galaxy.  People made of that stronger stuff that can make grown warriors cry; the courage and perseverance that allow a weakened soul to win that defining battle against all odds, against Death; someone with an infinite warmth in their heart that melts any frigid air and brings hope.

    With that, I'd like to wish Kandee Johnson all the best, for she has a difficult battle ahead, and offer her my support.  She deserves way better than Fate has decided to deal her thus far and have to argue with Fate that it is sO UNFAIR!  You had better rethink your strategy, Fate, because I'm not liking this chapter, and if Karma has her way you know it'd better be a happy ending.

    This is just one more example of how Life is SUCH a ...  UGH.  You know what I want to say...  For people who seem to attract bad luck, like me and apparently Kandee, it's really hard to stay optimistic. Yet through it all, Kandee has always proved me wrong - she stays strong in her resolve to be the ray of sunshine because she and her kids need that light to keep pushing forward.  I'd love to take a lesson but lessons are hard to learn for an old gel.  I don't accept defeat, I'm just saying it's not easy.  I suppose now you're going to say, "Well, nobody ever said it was going to be easy."  One step ahead of you, my dear.

    I read in my psychology and sociology texts on the various approaches people take to face a conflict.  Depending on the type of person they are, conflicts are fought head on, manipulated into change, ignored, or hidden from altogether.  Nobody would ever say I'm a shy person or evens lightly docile, yet I'm discovering through experience the best way to handle many conflicts is to retreat.  Were I to do that indefinitely, I would certainly admit to cowardice.  Retreatism, however, simultaneously practiced with tactical planning, strengthening, and resolve to reemerge seem to me a far more expedient plan than attempting to fight blindly.  Walt, the protagonist in the Clint Eastwood film "Gran Torino," exemplifies this in his final redemption.  (If you haven't seen this movie, well... what are you waiting for?)  Aside (and this is totally materialistic and shallow): I'd really love a Gran Torino, such a sexy car!

    So, life's a Beavis and Butthead.  Sometimes I just want to pull my t-shirt over my head and pretend I don't exist (or that I'm a roll of TP).  Other times, it's as simple as enjoying the next music video and laughing at nothing.  Heh heh heh...  Hah hah hah...


    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Should I Be Embarrassed?

    As I compose and fold laundry, I'm watching "Twilight" ... again. I can't even count how many times I've watched and read the entire saga. (Okay, so either I can't count very high or it must've been a LOT of times.)

    • If I were a guy, I'd be perfect.
    • I failed at making coffee - from a machine.
    • I've got a finite brain capacity, like a kitty - in one ear and something else goes out the other. Fie.
    • Cute bikini alert! Time to stop eating!!!  (I <3 VS)
    • Steeth of teel.
    • Chiropractors scare me, they want to break my neck.  And yet I return...
    • Immortality of life isn't so romantic as the idea of immortal love. *puke*
    • I wish I were in high school again.
    • Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood! She brings out my Fifteen and she brings out my claws.
    • Permanent undereye circles that mesmerize - the beautiful look of perfection.
    • Free range.
    • I need a little "Twang," a lil' hillbilly bending on some guitar strings, gotta get that honky tonkin' feelin' through my veins!
    • I'd like to play football, ice hockey, and dodge ball. I don't think I'm very good at the dodge but I know I can be good D.
    • I've been trying to hit the sack around 9-10PM. Still so tired.
    • My body runs with sugar, blood I do not bleed.

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    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Blood Glucose - NYE Hater

    Food coma - I need a celery, STAT!*

    High blood glucose is bad. You end up crashing sooner than you can pop another piece of candy into your mouth. It becomes hard to swallow because you're so thirsty you can't drink enough water to alleviate it before you're full and nothing's staying down. Alertness is unheard of and consciousness a great trial. All you want to do is relax your neck muscles and let your head crack on the desk, you're just so very tired!

    Last week on my way to a friend's house, I saw an Asian man and an old Asian woman waiting by the light to cross. They were standing so far apart I was uncertain of their relationship on that walk. About two hours later, three miles down the road, I saw them again... They had gone to the grocery store. The old lady was holding all the groceries for them; the man, indifferent, walked a couple yards in front of her. It was such a chauvinistic, sad, pathetic sight to see; my temper was sore. She looked frail, tired, slightly off in the head, but also wary of the man. He seemed arrogant, also frail, but hard in the face. The woman had to carry all their groceries the three plus miles back to their house while walking behind him, not beside him. While slavery in one sense has been abolished de juri, de facto so many cruel things still exist because of the injustice of bigots and patriarchal societies that refuse to learn of compassion.

    I have not done much. My new year's eve was quiet (other than the cacophonous sound of me on the ukulele, guitar, and attempting to sing my heart out). I engaged myself in my music, making sure of such deep immersion so as not to notice any passing of time until my lids got heavy and I collapsed into slumber. It was just goodbye another night, hello another day. Life goes on...

    *This is an allusion to the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." If you haven't yet seen it, you should. Only then will you truly know if you're a dork like me (i.e. laughing at pretty much everything ridiculous and nothing at all).


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