Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Angelina Jolie Is My Mom

I had a dream dream where I was almost a kid again but smarter.  I had brothers and my mom was... Angelina Jolie?  But she was single and dating this douche. 

He came over as she was getting ready, excited to have this gorgeous lady but hateful of her kids and the attention she gives us.  He came over to ask for something but was denied.  I laughed.  Oh, how I reveled in his disappointment.  Then he got mad and walked out only to come back in and demand to take her car to borrow but said it in such a spiteful fashion, I could have sworn he was five.  She yelled out from the shower, "Oh, my Dad took it!"  Shocked that his master plan to foil my happiness failed, he looked over at me intently with a glimmer in his evil black eyes.  [Light foreboding music fades in]  Feigning ignorance and obliviousness, I stood reading a Dan Brown novel as I hovered about the door to protest in the event he did attempt grand theft auto.  [Fade out]

[Scene cut.  Fade in]

[Closeup of his face] He is walking along the sidewalk, a smug smile about his face.  He stops at the park, chuckling to himself.  "Yes," he thinks [pan out].  This is exactly what I wanted.  There he stands, cackling as he organizes a bunch of medicine bottles he stole from our garage.

WHAT?!!?!? kind of dream is that?!  ROFL.  Don't be trying to steal my dream writing, as retarded as it is.  Copyright infringement!  =P


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