Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ginger Asian... huh?

I've got these strange freckles on my arms, and on my face.  Since when do Asians have freckles at all, let alone on their arms like a ginger?!  It's absurd.

On that note, my freckles can be cute.  Sometimes.  Know another Asian that has freckles?  Lucy Liu.

I've never found Lucy Liu attractive, leastwise not her face.  Is it so wrong that I'm upset Hollywood couldn't find another actress from the 1.something billion Asians in the world without such slanted eyes?  Small, sure, but slanted? Further, while I know the stereotype of the Asian body is flat and straight, scrawny and flavorless, there do exist others with figures and a face!  Or, maybe, that's exactly what Hollywood wanted to see - the stereotype that isn't quite so typical of the Asian population.  Again, Asians don't really have freckles.  So if they're going out of their way to find something unique then why her and why freckles?  Why not pretty eyes or curves?

No, no, I'm not being racist - how can one be racist against one's own kind?  Harsh?

Bah.  I'm just ranting.  But you can't deny it's true.

Lucy Liu just is not attractive.  Worst yet, she can't act.

Woe is me.

At least we can get that doll thing going on... right?  (Can't remember if I ever posted this, but here are the eye-opening CIRCLE contact lenses.)
I'm scared.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Joe Weider's Olympia 2011

Last weekend I went to my first Olympia Expo and Mr. Olympia show held in Las Vegas, NV.  There was quite an array of people there, people I wouldn't have guessed to be interested and others I wouldn't deign to ever miss a show.  I didn't have a chance to take many photos but Ronnie Coleman, Tito Ortiz, and Carmen Elektra!

Phil Heath won!  What a fine way to go out for Jay Cutler, to be succeeded by his legacy.  The pair are, for lack of a better word, SO CUTE!  On stage, they were constantly posing next to each other, hugs left and right and words of encouragement.  It is a little sad that Jay is done but this gives others like Phil Heath and Kai Greene their chance at victory.  Obviously, I know little to nothing about bodybuilding but The Predator sure looked great.  His routine was awesome and I thought his physique looked amazing.  We think he'll have lots to show for in the future shows to come.

(Darn, I want to post a video about the Olympia competition but YouTube has taken them all down - they're being so strict on Copyright stuff.  /sigh)

Kai Greene, Olympia 2011
Jay Cutler, Olympia 2011

Brenda Song
On a side note, the clerk at Sally Beauty Supply told me I look like this chick and I'm not sure how to feel about that.  =/

I am thinking of studying how to put on hair extensions with the bonded weave technique.  This past July I had that technique used on me, but it was done in Vietnam so I'm not sure the states will apply that same methodology.  I actually prefer the bonded weave technique to the braided or clip-on method.  There is nothing like the fear of seeing your hair fall out in wefts, still debating whether I ought to add more glue or just remove it all and start fresh... or just go short.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Frightening - HBC for Marc Jacobs

I question the motive for this shoot.

What is the message Marc Jacobs is trying to convey here?

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