Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Born In The '60s

Sometimes I wonder why I wasn't born in the '60s.  The style is so chic, elegant, retro, feminine and fun!

I will have to revisit the pin-up and '60s style makeup at a later date.  Perfecting that eyeliner and minimalist look on an Asian face have proven to be quite the challenge.  And while I love watching makeup How To videos from my favorite artists like Kandee Johnson, I realize the limits of their techniques given their facial structures are so.. well, structured.  The lines Kandee creates on her face and the illusions she projects cannot be exactly replicated on myself; my nose is not tall enough, my cheek bones not as narrow, my lips not as big, and worst of all my eyelids aren't as... liddy.  (Yes, I know that's not a word but somehow I know you still understand my point.)

So, future goal will be to test those bounds and hopefully have successful results!

Photo above taken from My Modern Met, September 20, 2011.  

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