Thursday, September 22, 2011

Joe Weider's Olympia 2011

Last weekend I went to my first Olympia Expo and Mr. Olympia show held in Las Vegas, NV.  There was quite an array of people there, people I wouldn't have guessed to be interested and others I wouldn't deign to ever miss a show.  I didn't have a chance to take many photos but Ronnie Coleman, Tito Ortiz, and Carmen Elektra!

Phil Heath won!  What a fine way to go out for Jay Cutler, to be succeeded by his legacy.  The pair are, for lack of a better word, SO CUTE!  On stage, they were constantly posing next to each other, hugs left and right and words of encouragement.  It is a little sad that Jay is done but this gives others like Phil Heath and Kai Greene their chance at victory.  Obviously, I know little to nothing about bodybuilding but The Predator sure looked great.  His routine was awesome and I thought his physique looked amazing.  We think he'll have lots to show for in the future shows to come.

(Darn, I want to post a video about the Olympia competition but YouTube has taken them all down - they're being so strict on Copyright stuff.  /sigh)

Kai Greene, Olympia 2011
Jay Cutler, Olympia 2011

Brenda Song
On a side note, the clerk at Sally Beauty Supply told me I look like this chick and I'm not sure how to feel about that.  =/

I am thinking of studying how to put on hair extensions with the bonded weave technique.  This past July I had that technique used on me, but it was done in Vietnam so I'm not sure the states will apply that same methodology.  I actually prefer the bonded weave technique to the braided or clip-on method.  There is nothing like the fear of seeing your hair fall out in wefts, still debating whether I ought to add more glue or just remove it all and start fresh... or just go short.

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