Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ginger Asian... huh?

I've got these strange freckles on my arms, and on my face.  Since when do Asians have freckles at all, let alone on their arms like a ginger?!  It's absurd.

On that note, my freckles can be cute.  Sometimes.  Know another Asian that has freckles?  Lucy Liu.

I've never found Lucy Liu attractive, leastwise not her face.  Is it so wrong that I'm upset Hollywood couldn't find another actress from the 1.something billion Asians in the world without such slanted eyes?  Small, sure, but slanted? Further, while I know the stereotype of the Asian body is flat and straight, scrawny and flavorless, there do exist others with figures and a face!  Or, maybe, that's exactly what Hollywood wanted to see - the stereotype that isn't quite so typical of the Asian population.  Again, Asians don't really have freckles.  So if they're going out of their way to find something unique then why her and why freckles?  Why not pretty eyes or curves?

No, no, I'm not being racist - how can one be racist against one's own kind?  Harsh?

Bah.  I'm just ranting.  But you can't deny it's true.

Lucy Liu just is not attractive.  Worst yet, she can't act.

Woe is me.

At least we can get that doll thing going on... right?  (Can't remember if I ever posted this, but here are the eye-opening CIRCLE contact lenses.)
I'm scared.

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