Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Money Can Buy You Happiness

I've said it before, and I stand by it still, money can buy you happiness.

According to a news cast by Yahoo! Finance, the top 5 ways to happiness can be bought through:
  1. Experiential purchases
  2. Spending on others
  3. Enrolling in auto-pay
  4. Investing in yourself
  5. Small indulgences
Two-thirds of people regret impulse purchases (I don't think I'm included in that figure lol), and 83% remember their experiential purchases.  I spend heaps of money on others and I can attest that it does make me happy to see they're happy.  Not sure about auto-pay... the reporter claims it may alleviate pressure on individuals by not having to see a bill, but I feel a bite every time.  Investing in yourself with social activities, fitness memberships and toys are a great way to stay healthy and lower stress levels by engaging the mind and body.

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