Friday, January 29, 2010

Sad Epiphany

I know why most people don't want to change - nobody believes that they will even if they do, nobody believes we can. As if they're the Fates themselves, we're told our own futures by those that think they know us, that we're going to make the same mistakes, that we're just like so-and-so, that we're naive. Then, because we're weak, sensitive humans, we start to falter and believe the non-believers. We want to let ourselves fall into their burning mold, live the charcoaled picture they try to etch into our skins.

Don't. Don't give in. Don't believe them because you CAN. Be different. Be better. The hardest struggles are within yourself. Once you're completely trusting and confident in You, everyone Else becomes a mere shadow. Make them believe, even if you hardly believe yourself. Paint your portrait more colorful with everything in you, so bright they are stunned by its brilliance.

It isn't easy, being me. Me, whom I hardly know, apparently is BFF with Them which makes it difficult to be one other than what They tell me I am. Locked up labyrinth of cotton candy.


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