Monday, February 15, 2010

My Chocolate Holiday

Spent the day waiting for a friend to come around and hang out as another one was on standby to join us when the person arrived.

No show.  NO call.  No text.

Thank you.  I don't mind that you decided not to come, but it'd have been appreciated had I gotten a courtesy notice.

After waking  up from my 4th napadoo from waiting all day, I found out I got surprise flowers - my favorite ones!  Thank you, ex boyfriend.  You made my day better!  <3

For a Chocolate Holiday, I just realized I didn't eat a single piece.  Instead, I found myself through half a bag of cheesy Doritos and squash soup.  No matter - the day is young, and I'm STILL SLEEPY.

I will be in Colorado.  See you in the spring or when I return, whichever comes last.  Commencing hibernation.


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