Friday, February 26, 2010

Writing is a Blessing... And Embarrassing

The written word is such an amazing innovation by humanity.  We use it to record histories so that it will not be forgotten through generations upon generations of confusion, deceit, skepticism, knowledge, hope, and discovery.  Reading a novel on the Kindle will never amount to the wholesome feel of holding the book in your hands, leafing through the pages and never wondering when the battery will run out.

I absolutely love snail mail and am saddened at the prospect that one day it may cease altogether.  As is, the costs are increasing further deterring people to use it.  Instantaneous communication as provided by the glorious internet is, by no means, short of a miracle but appreciating one form shouldn't depreciate the other.  Still today I hand write letters to my friends, send cards on the appropriate occasion and motivation, and surprise people with Thinking of You packages.  Character, mood, and temperament exude themselves in your handwriting; it's easy to discern a tired wrist or an anguished letter.  We can easily doodle and allow our creative side to wander.

While I do not plan to give up this seemingly archaic method of communication any time ever, I recognize how ephemeral physical paper can be (unless you etch it into stone? but then the stone breaks and it's the same thing) and also how embarrassing pulling out an old journal can be.  Throughout my life I've attempted to keep journals or diaries of this or that sort, and never could last more than a few weeks intermittently.  This blog  is the longest and most thorough of all, most because it's accessible in multiple mediums and least because I keep the topics on the... less embarrassing points.  Granted, I'm sure you've noticed I can be as melodramatic as Days of Our Lives but still as objective as an Olympic referee.

Often I use my writing to share my experiences, but it also assists in relieving inner turmoil.  As if someone out there were listening... or stalking...  Either way, I'm not the only one knowing my thoughts and that's pretty fun, I admit.  Maybe I'll share some more embarrassing compositions if I can find them.  Usually if I find some old journal I burn it or shred it because .. well.. yeah.  It's embarrassing!  The world can do well with one less dramatic 14 year-old.

I don't think I had a point in any of that.  Fabulous, eh, to be able to babble to others without uttering a sound.


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