Sunday, February 7, 2010


I had the most pleasant visit to Texas this weekend. I'm tired and had poor sleep, but sleeping on the floor for two nights is bound to do that to you.
An unique chain there is a burger joint called Whataburger. No, this isn't a food review as I didn't eat there. I did have a go at the Salt Lick BBQ and Crab Shack & Oyster Bar. Salt Lick reminded me of a Viking food hall with long wooden bench tables and a quite boisterous bunch. Crab Shack is most certainly better than CA's Joe's Crab Shack, though demonstrably smaller but still crowded. While I am no big fan of shellfish, has a flavorful offering of crawfish but a little too salty for my bland palette. Great atmosphere though and cheap beer!
My first Texan beer was the simply delightful Shiner Bock. Next on my list is Lonestar.
I really like Austin and Round Rock. I love the open space, the big open sky not covered by tall buildings. I enjoy walks on windy trails, small streams, and beautiful white egrets peering through the trees. It just seems so peaceful. One aspect I never enjoy is the long drive through agri-land to get anywhere. The developed sprawl spreads far, wide, and sparsely.
I think I'll buy some acreage and raise horses.


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