Monday, April 5, 2010

The Last Airbender & Biotin

What's wrong with being Asian?

I wish I could answer that, not to say it's one way or another but...  Growing up with a racial background that stems from Asia but feeling wholly devoid of ties to it other than how others outwardly perceive me... feeling always like an American, plain and simple, no ties, no strings, just red, white and blue...  I've always had and still have identity issues, nothing really serious just.. you know.. here and there I wish people would go back to kindergarten when we all didn't even know what color was, no notion or concept of race.  "Race" which is a socially constructed word, antagonized and defined by each culture, embedding their biases, hatred, pride, and conceit into every word.

So what's wrong with being Asian?  Why, when the original animation includes an all Asian cast, culture, and fairy tale, does Hollywood have to go and remove the whole animation's universe and turn it white?  What's wrong with being Asian?  What's wrong with the original?  What's so unattractive that you don't think you could sell a movie, a huge box office, with an Asian cast?  Isn't a large majority of the world's population Asian?

Even though I'm slightly upset that Hollywood decided to rip the rights of the Asian story from Asian people, I still want to see the movie though I'm of half a mind to boycott it.  I can't help it - the Hollywood theatrics looks so convincing!  Check out the trailer for The Last Airbender.  To be even more dramatic, I feel like a child of two worlds, in neither of which I fully belong nor have a niche.  Fabuloso!

To be completely callous and irrelevant, if you'd like healthy, thick, shiny hair and nails, I highly recommend taking biotin vitamin supplements.  They come in liquid gel capsules which made ingestion infinitely easier.  I had to do some research on it for my mom who complains of hair loss and brittle nails.  The solution is here.  Nature Made Biotin, 2500 mcg.  That's the cheapest I've found it.  I'd give it about a week to see minor results and two weeks to be happy that it's working.  No, I'm not receiving any sort of compensation or commission on selling a product.  I'm just trying to be helpful.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend!  This is the first year in a long while I didn't do much of anything.  I did see How To Train a Dragon which was a totally cute movie.  I really would like a dragon now.  Pretty please?  I'd like the XXL one.


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