Monday, December 21, 2009

Lose Weight, Or Die

I recently checked out a bunch of books from the local library, some titles include: Thin, The Fat Girl's Guide to Life, Shrink Yourself, Eating Disorders for Dummies, and the Princeton Review for DAT Exams.  Interesting combination, no?

Thin, not to be confused with Stephen King's movie "Thinner" which I found both scary and envious, is a large print book filled with pictures, journal entries, and dialogue from in-patients from a particular treatment center in Florida called Renfrow.  Some of the tellings were confounding, but I thought their journals were most revealing.  It's incredible to see all the young teenage girls in it, sad really.  Still, somehow I'm green for the skinny girl?  It's sick, I know...

More of a comedy than a fight, I found The Fat Girl's Guide to Life hilarious and strangely upbeat.  I don't really find myself agreeing with the author - no, I don't think it's okay to be fat and to each her own - but some points she makes are valid in at least its ridiculousness.  Wendy Shanker's definitely spunky and provides an alternative pair of glasses to wear through life, if you're of that path anyway.  When I read her following thoughts I most certainly laughed out loud:
  • The skinny girl is jealous of the fat girl for eating all the junk and sweets she thinks the fat girl is eating, like ice cream and cookies.
  • "'WHY DO YOU CARE IF I'M FAT?'  It's my body.  I know full well what I'm doing to it.  I'm not blowing secondhand smoke on you.  I'm not drunk-driving into you.  I'm not taking food out of your mouth.  Unless you're crawling around in my skin, it doesn't affect you in any direct way."  (Shanker 37)
  • Skinny girls need fat girls around - they're not competition.
  • "I yearn to tell the skinny chicks, 'You won!'  And get them off my case.  After all, Darwinian evolutionary theory would suggest that the fatter we are, the more the Thin have to gain (ha ha).  The Thin have a better shot at getting a sex partner than the Fat.  The Thin ge t paid more than the Fat.  So to ensure their own chances of evolutionary success, why won't they leave us and our Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos well enough alone?"
Is it kind of disturbing that I find this all so very humorous?



lesith456 said...

I was looking for a something like this. then I got around this force factor and ordered Force Factor. It worked well for me!

CupcakeSniper said...

this is awesome :D

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