Monday, November 9, 2009

A Most Disturbing Dream

I had an unsettling dream last night. Unrelated, I finally saw Joe on Saturday. He looks amazing better than my wildest imagination had me believe. His handsome face is unscathed and I am very glad for it though would be more ecstatic could he talk and look at me. I met his father, a great man, and finally heard the real story. My dearest Joejie was hit by a drunk driver from out of state early that Saturday afternoon two weeks ago. Bastard. I think he remains in jail but that type of person is irresponsible and doubtless has any insurance. What a jerk. Poor Joe! We were just talking Friday night, had a beer at BJ's. We talked about him keeping his bike. Ironic. I met his girl though under solemn circumstances. I told Joe ha! Now I've met her and you can't hide her anymore. Hm... I really want him to just be cognizant, look at us, blink YES I UNDERSTAND! But I have patience and faith.
He is Big Joe and he will return. Miss you, you're always in my heart!

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