Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Twilight Saga & Good (Adjusted) Vampires

I never got into the whole Twilight craze, though I'd always been mesmerized by vampires.  My first introduction was "Interview with the Vampire" where I was immediately intrigued and envious of the eternity of life, survival, the beauty and youth. Though I pitied her static state of childhood, i certainly would not be without chagrin were I forever 18. It wasn't until my boredom got the best of me that I allowed any curiosity toward the newest vampire madness - Twilight.

I sat entraced by the power of him, the protection. When the movie was over, without hesitation, I began it anew. I watched, dreamt, and longed for someone so human. I didn't much appreciate the acting, but I cannot deny falling in love with the characters. I thank my maturity for that as I would be ashamed of myself if I ever behaved and reacted to the actors as those girls watching in innocence and naivete.

Still, though I wanted to remain in that mythical world of monsters and magic, I was bereft of any desire to read it. Years of disinterest on my side, I imagined little enjoyment in forcing excess processing for little potential gain. I was correct, for the most part. It was not until i made the maddening mistake to watch its sequel, New Moon, in theatres that I resolved to read such a saga. It was not so much that I was convinced by the obnoxious teens screaming, crooning, interruptions during the movie at any presence of Edward and, mostly it seemed, Jake. No. It was the movie's unresolved ending that made me thirst for a conclusion.

I am the type to lose sleep over mystery, what could have been, what would have been... My utter dissaitsfaction of the ending compelled me to read the entire saga; once I had granted myself absolution for the end of New Moon, it was not enough. Like Bella, even waiting another six months would be far out of the question.

I let their world drown me from my own and noticed how closely the movies came to the book. Only slightly more character insight and a somewhat altered portrayal, but I was satisfied

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