Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hermetic Bum-dom

I have been a bum.  Move-out date is soon approaching but still I haven't touched a thing.  In fact, my apartment has been suffering even greater disarray than ever before.  I've got heaps of documents to organize and recycle; my makeup collection is strewn about my bathroom; my clean laundry lay amassed above half my queen bed; there are hemp shakes and bars boxed on my countertop; vegetables litter the refrigerator; my shoes are the height from my floor to the ceiling; and my guitar and ukulele are migratory lullabies. 

I also just purchased my first herb plant - basil!

My attempt at making s'mores (with the marshmallows this time) went awry.  Nobody was injured in this process; however, in the future it would be greatly discouraged.  FYI - 30 seconds is too long.

I am already senile.  Went on a short break, came into our lunch room with a bottle, stood about and couldn't remember what I walked in with...

My cousin Jackie and I have been feeding my uncle names for their soon-to-be baby girl.  He hardly listens to the great names and comes up with these shoddy names for us to consider instead.  It's getting slightly frustrating.  After a series of 6 emails in the past month or so with lists upon lists of names, origins, and meanings, I think I've come to like Aryn (or Arinn) or Khloe the best.  The first means "englightened messenger" (enlightened) and the second is "blooming."  With Khloe, he asked, "Blooming what?"  Uhh... blooming anything!

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