Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sea Salt - Concentration!

Here's an interesting mistake I made: somehow, even though I gave you the recipe for sea salt detox, I didn't follow it.  I'm a dork like that and never follow recipes.  Let me tell you why you should - water retention!

I think that if you don't use the proper amount of salt, the concentration won't be high enough to signal your body to flush (as well).  I got up not long ago (10:30 AM, haha) and had a strong cramp and it makes me feel nauseated.  Unpleasant, sorry if that's TMI but health issues are significant to point out especially if I'm abetting.  So, that's your "health" warning (I don't think anything terrible will come of it other than that).

Oh, and the other thing is just try to finish the whole quart or two in ten minutes.  I'm only using one quart at a time because it's my biggest bottle (actually, I did the concentration twice as strong since I used two tbsp for one quart).  It is a LOT of fluid and I'm not finished but I'm full!


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