Sunday, September 27, 2009

My First Video - Intro!

I have finally made my first video and it has absolutely nothing pertinent in it.  It's incredibly strange to have to see myself.  I really hope I don't talk like that in person, ha ha.

Anyway, my hopes for tonight's brief project turned out quite rudely toward me so instead of just entering it all here, I will attempt it after I've better organized myself.

In other news, I've done six different makeup looks and I seem to be improving.  As you can probably tell by the outfit, this first one is the most recent and timed with the video.

It's the best and only successful pin-up look that I've done - I've endeavored to create the look thrice with little success but now I understand it better.  The eye liner needs to be extremely precise (I used a black liquid liner but you may also use a gel, though the color doesn't come out as distinctly) to draw the Marilyn pin-up technique.  That is, from the inner corner of the eye draw up, then go straight across, down nearing the outer edge/corner, then back up and out.  Maybe I'll try to do a video on this but Kandee already has about three of them.  Next up, we have the ever popular smokey eyes.

Both of those techniques were taught by Kandee Johnson.  This next one, which I call the nude peach look, is comprised of colors I felt complimented each other well.  The shadows, cheeks, and lips are more neutral colors and may be worn during the day to work or even dazzled up with accessories for the evening.  I am using my newest peach blush from Make-Up Forever, such a fabulous color.

Kat Von D has been increasing in popularity and even has her own makeup line now.  I will admit I purchased a set of her eye shadows.  This technique was also learned from a Kandee video (surprise surprise).

I  know I mentioned I did six looks but I am dissatisfied with the others and want to give them another go. Overall, eyebrow definition is important to help frame the eyes but thick and dark eyelashes are definitely the most crucial in making eyes stand out.

I'm really excited because later today (seeing as how it's already past 3:15AM), I get to experiment with my first model, Jackie.  She has great eyebrows and full lips atop a slightly olive skin tone; definitely different from mine so it will be a great challenge.  To be honest, I've never really tried to put makeup on another person so it might be a frustrating experience.  I will ask for her reaction and others' opinions as well and likely share it with you.  At the very least, it will bruise my humor but make you laugh.

It's worth it!  =o)

Sweet dreams,


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