Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Motherlode & the Locust


Goodness, I'm not even sure where to begin.  There is a lot to tell but nothing to say. .. .

I am weak.  It is a complex issue that might be divulged at a later date.

Yesterday was my younger brother Vince's 22nd birthday.  My three brothers, my mother, and I celebrated at Claim Jumper during happy hour.  It was quite the feast.  For dessert, we got a little red velvet cupcake, the lemon bar brulee [Aside: every time I read or hear "brulee" I think of eye shadow thanks to Kandee, haha], and a slice of the monster motherlode cake which remains mostly untouched in my refrigerator.  It had been a long time since all of us have actually been at the dinner table together, or even in the same room for that matter.  Even so, my older brother Nick didn't show up until we were ordering dessert, practically swallowed pizzas whole, and then said he had to go twenty minutes later. 

All in all, it was quite fun - I am the jokesterand was teasing everyone.  I told them I'm the funniest and best looking *head tilt ^.^*, Hieu is the baby, Vince is the crazy, and Nick is the lazy.  Looking about the table, I could see how different we've all grown to be; I thank goodness I don't look like any of my brothers!  =P  Not because they're bad looking, but because I would be so sad if I looked like a boy!  My immediate family has always been a tumultuous one.  I'm glad I'm the only girl.

I don't enjoy salty foods.  Blech.

On my way back from taking out some rubbish, I saw an insect hopping about radically on the pavement.  At first sight I thought it was a locust and jumped and whimpered in fright as it started to fly about me - it was HUGE!  Once I was slightly past it, I looked back and it was a green grasshopper (but still big!).  I'm silly.

I was thinking this morning of ideas on what I could possibly engage in to make myself feel slightly more accomplished.  Then it dawned on me: since I enjoy makeup and I've always wanted to figure out ways to deal with being Asian with makeup styles (most are for Caucasian faces), I can try to perfect and come up with techniques for Asian faces that lack much of the structure of other races!  That means I need more models to test my ideas on; I foresee many fun times!  Now, if I can somehow incorporate that idea to include weddings (Oh, how I <3 weddings!) I think my dreams of doing something I love would finally come true...

Well, that's assuming that is what I want to do.

I can't believe Kanye West is such a "jackass" (as quoted from President Obama).  Poor Taylor Swift.  I still haven't seen that part, but have it on DVR.  Exercising while watching tele is so very excellent.

Ah, so an important decision I have made is to move out of my apartment.  I will miss MY place, my quiet, my space but at the very least I have until 10/3 to move out so will have to reap the joys of my bachlorette pad to the fullest.  Just thinking about leaving makes me want to stay...  Gosh, I am SO tempted to say the HECK with saving money - my LIFE is more important!  Unfortunately, this is one of those times when one has to decide whether to think with one's mind or to think by one's heart.  Normally my heart wins out, so we will see by 10/3 which will be the victor.

Am I really 24?


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