Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Inspiration - Kandee Johnson!

A lazy Saturday.  Slept a lot.  Seems to be my weekend lifestyle these days.  It's nice .. ... ..  Sometimes.

I've been watching a lot of YouTube, from guitar and ukulele lessons, to music and concerts, to my new found inspiration: Kandee Johnson the Makeup Artist!  She is absolutely amazing.  Super funny and always chipper, Kandee is the one person that I've been able to say I admire because she's gone through trials and never seems to let people or hardships get the best of her.  I enjoy her style, it's super fun - though I could never pull it off myself.  Her makeup style is fresh and gorgeous, in my opinion, and seems to come out quite flattering even on my face.

To date, I've tried to do her pin-up look and I've done the smokey eyes.  What actually happened was I went for the pin-up but ended up putting on a wee bit too much eye shadow, so it came out smokey instead.  Kandee's foundation and powder suggestion worked wonderfully.  In the photographs I took to document what I'm calling my Makeup Trials, my skin looks pretty even and quite flawless - makes for super easy post-editing, if at all.  My second attempt at the pin-up eyes failed as well since I realized I may just be anatomically incapable of pulling off that look.  I'm Asian (I can't hide it anymore!) so I lack demonstrative eyebrow bones and have a shorter eyelid area, not to mention nearly nonexistent eyelid creases.

After watching Kandee's video on her life's story (, it made me want to think more on what I really want to do with my life and why I'm so unmotivated and weak.  As a young girl, I wanted to be a model.  As an adult, I know that can't possibly happen for one main reason (I'm only 5' short) and for many other reasons (I'm not skinny enough, have no connections, no time, etc. and the list goes on blah blah).  So, she made me realize I have to be STRONGER, and have more courage to push through the hard times and focus.

I'm still confused as to my direction but at least now I have a bit more encouragement and enthusiasm to persevere and NEVER GIVE UP.  Once I figure myself out, I hope I can be as inspirational and admirable as Kandee.

Cheers to always trying to be a better, kinder, wiser, happier, funner Devyn!

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