Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mission: TeaCup Puppies!

Here are some cuties that I like best of all the available teacups I found so far.  It would be most delightful if I could have one now, but maybe it's too soon.  *sigh*.  Just look at the little darlings!!!  *melts*  I can't even contain myself, my voice is going squeaky high pitched little girl!!!

[Apparently, there is a difference between in size between "teacup" and "toy.  Teacups weigh four pounds or less, while toys are seven pounds of less.  According to that website, it is a common misconception that these little babies are sickly creatures.  Teacups start $1500+ and toys $900+.  Wow wow, Wubbzy!]


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel                Japanese Chin


Something this cute should be illegal!

Terrier Triplets (I think)

Haha, so I think I've been looking at these puppies for almost an hour and I physically can't handle it anymore. 

Like Kandee Johnson put it, we are both suffering "sleep anorexia."  Tickles my toes to think of it, but truth has never been so certain.  lLolL


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