Friday, September 11, 2009

Taking Over The World - My First Blog

Today I opened up accounts for various online sites and services. I'm trying to take over the world with ETESSA, even if I don't use it - I want to dominate it. Weird, I know.

On my way out from work, I saw a biker alongside the road going the opposite direction of traffic; generally, not a smart idea nor proper. As I approached, I noticed he was looking at something on the road. It was a felled bird of some sort, seemed a little too large for a pigeon though the coloration was similar in nature. Poor thing.

There was something else of note I wanted to write of but can't remember at this point with my poor excuse for short term memory.

Honestly, as this is my first blog, I will have to forewarn you - I reckon most of what I write will really ever be of any "significance." I tend to share little thoughts on life and events as I see it and ramble as my stream of consciousness takes over.  One of the frightening and embarrassing things I find about writing is having to experience it over again in a different light later in life.  Usually I wonder how I could possibly be so  ...  silly and always conclude it with a blush and a shrug.  How melodramatic! 

It's fun to be melodramatic; sometimes there is so much life that needs expression and everything is on edge.  Life really is a roller coaster for me, and I love roller coasters (they're much more preferable than a vertical drop).  I like to be an exclamation mark when I'm happy, an ellipsis when I'm sad.  Question marks befit my anger because it's begotten from confusion and actually is a transferred emotion.

Tonight I picked up dinner at Niko Niko Sushi for my family.  Soon I believe I'll be heading out to Koji's to see some friends I haven't seen in a while.  So much for planning to go solo.. .. ..

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