Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beginning Runners - Let's Rev It Up!

If you're a beginning runner like myself, you find almost every excuse not to have to run - you can't help it, running's too difficult that it is no longer perceived as a challenge and is instead discouraging.  As such, I've found reading magazines such as Runner's World (especially for beginners) more motivating and even informative.  The writers are decent and they even have interesting articles and awesome healthy recipes that look most delicioso!

In the October 2009 issue in "Running Commentary," one reader writes in regarding a previous interview with Sarah Palin.  I didn't know Sarah Palin runs or that she even still is a point of interest.  Anyway, some enjoyed her interview as it allowed them to see her good qualities as a runner rather than a politician, and another was much more snazzy.  He, from San Francisco no less, writes, "Sarah Palin?  Yes, Runner's World wishes to appeal to all sorts of runners, but fluff a piece on a yearning and dubious politician?  Not that you shouldn't court controversy, but jeez, of all the politicians to jog into the gin joints around the world, she has to jog into yours?"  It made me laugh so I had to share it with you!

Another magazine that I enjoy, and I'll admit to being nerdy now, is Maximum PC.  I had been wondering for the longest time why Verizon hadn't made a contract with Apple for the iPhone and wondered when their exclusivity contract would end, and why it was like that anyway... and Maximum PC uncovered that mystery for me as well as introduced me to the upcoming Verizon phone Droid to compete with the iPhone.  I am stOked!

Tomorrow at work we're having a Halloween luncheon with a costume contest.  By request, I will probably be wearing my blond wig again - what's the big idea, eh?  I don't look good as a brunette?  It tires me a bit to think I'll have to get ready for all that in the morning...  Fun, but still tiring especially since I'm not feeling well so who knows if I'll even make it to work!

Friday I've got tickets to see the Ducks game!  I'm not sure who they're playing since I haven't really been following, but that will be AWESOME!  I haven't been to a game since last season, so it has been long in coming.  I hope the game is awesome - and what's an ice hockey game with a fight!?


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