Monday, October 26, 2009

My Dear Joejie - We Love You, Please Come Back!

My dear friend Joe was in a motorcycle accident Saturday evening.  He's on life support at this time and I urgently need all of your thoughts, prayers, whatever positive influences you may have to bring him back to us.

I don't like surprises because I don't like the shock value.  I hate it.  This moment is surreal, a nightmare that I want to wake from but am scared to because I don't want to leave and not find out if he comes back with me or not.

Dear Joejie - please wake up.  Wake up, Joe!  We need you here with us, to laugh and make merry.  You have to come back, Joe,  you said you're a big strong man so show us!  We're supposed to go to our favorite Hollingshead's this Tuesday, we talked about it Friday night!  You said you don't have work that day, and we'd never gone there to enjoy a delicious beer together before...  You will come back, amigo, we have too many things to do together, not to mention all the wonderful things you had planned.  Please, hear our thoughts and prayers, and stay strong.  Don't lose your way, we're waiting for you.  COME HOME!!!  <3

I love you, Joe.  Please please please come back!

I feel so helpless!  *sob*


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