Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recruitment Tip - Fab Find on a Cloudy Day

Phillip Lim began following me on Twitter.  It was exciting to see it, so I'm now following him.  To my surprise, what did I find?  Probably one of the greatest online outlet stores for designer apparel and accessories!  Enter Outnet.com where you'll find anywhere up to 70% off designer lines like Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Miu Miu, and more.  I haven't perused the entire site yet but one can't spend all their time shopping online...  Besides, one of my endeavors is to minimize shopping, remember?  lLolL

This morning is ... somewhat suddenly a sad day.  The weather doesn't look too bright, though I woke up on my favorite side of the bed.  I had enough time for my whole fabulous Devyn routine, hair, makeup, accessories and all...  Abruptly, it starts to fade... the pink lips, the bright eyes...  I start thinking again and confusion clouds my present, thunder looms my past and all the while I stand without shelter, immobile and dazed.

funny pictures of cats with captionsA friend told me that if one has the ability to multitask (and brood) then one is simply not busy enough.  Mayhap that is the case, but since one of my life's turning points time management hasn't always been at its best.  There is room yet for change!

On a more pragmatic note, Ms. Boss (that's not really her name, I just refer to her as that if you understand the allusion to Australia) recommended that one not recruit near the end of the fiscal year because budgets are mostly spent so offered salaries/wages are not as opportune as in the beginning of the year.  It makes sense.

How do those emo people do it for so long?  It gets so irritating, I can barely stand myself!  I'm like my hair stylist's daughter Madison - not that I need to spend much time but I get easily attached.  Little girl intuition and affinities; maybe I'm a late bloomer since I was such a tomboy.  Those days were easy.

Let us all have a beautiful day and hope that it rains so that we may jump in all the rain puddles wearing hot pink rain boots (and hopefully waterproof mascara).  Take care and have a smiley day!!!  My favorite new shoes from Zara.


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