Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Madness

Flat tire today.  = o(

You ever get the feeling you're capable of so much more?  Today I'm rather disappointed in myself.  My performance is below par, and though it is completely my fault and choice to have behaved thus, the feeling of not doing my best nor expending 100% of my energy to creating a brilliant piece is more than humiliating.  Sure, maybe it's not that bad but when it's become more of a delinquent status one has more reason to hide beneath the covers.

Here, again, we discuss the ravaging effects of the positive feedback cycle on the psyche.  The more you do it, the worse you feel, and the more you are compelled to do it as you're further pulled into the deepest oblivion called Life.  The cycle is endless, unbreakable, unbeatable - relentless!

Yes, let's continue to smile.  = o)

Hilarious video that appeals to my nerdy geeky side.  Cracks me up!


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