Thursday, October 29, 2009

Devyn Simpson - The New Marge

My friend Tony is obsessed with purple, so he said he'd get me a purple wig.  Then he thought, eh, might as well as her a Marge Simpson wig.  I asked for it by tonight but he said it'd be impossible.  My consolation prize? His photographic splice creation of me and someone wearing the wig.  I don't know how he did it, but somehow our eyebrows seem to meld together quite perfectly.

Halloween at work is quite funny.  Everyone's sporting wigs this year, and I must admit I've become quite the avid fan myself.  When I first walked in, some people thought I was doing Black Dahlia, though it didn't quite make sense to me because she's brunette - but I guess they saw the flower and that was more distinct for them.  I was considering the look by drawing the lines extending from the edges of my lips but only have bubblegum pink on me and I'd probably scare myself every time I look in the mirror.  =x

Dressing up is SO fun!  I was too lazy to bring my wings to work so I just did the wig and flower band and my  Barbie makeup.

I hope you're all having a blast like I am this Halloween!  It's like I've had two weeks of Halloween already, I can't get enough!  I doubt I'll do anything on the actual day of Halloween though, haha, I kind of feel like just taking out the kiddies then sitting at home in some fabulous comfortable outfit and watching scary movies - only I don't like scary movies because they're too scary!  I am probably one of the biggiest bok-kok chicken around.  As you know, even talking about ghosts makes me tear up from fright.  lLolL

It's Thursday, guys!  It's my Friday of the week and that's totally fabulous!  I have studying to do though, but I'm meeting my vocal coach today, yay!  I'm so nervous!  I was thinking about it last night and couldn't sleep because I'm already embarrassed.  *sigh*  Wish me luck!

Have a radical day and stay beautiful!


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