Monday, October 19, 2009

Macroeconomics & Balance of Payments Accounting

School has officially legitimately begun for me, so life will be more hectic than previously described.  Good bye, FarmVille, I must retire and only regret that I cannot gift you to my somewhat deserving neighbors.  Besides my commercial insurance course exam i'm studying for in late November, I'm going to learn about sociology and macroeconomics.

Oh, how I look forward to slamming through four textbooks (commercial insurance not shown)!  For my macroeconomics course, I had to write an introduction of myself and respond to some questions the professor posited.  He responded by telling me to read about the balance of payments accounting while somehow assuring me I'm not all that clueless about economics, said thank for your that "very interesting introduction," and agreed with me that we dislike politics.  College humor, quite fabulous.

Other extraneous activities that would behoove me to give up: logging into Facebook twenty times daily (I'll shoot for less than four times weekly); more than one blog entry per day; online shopping (very time consuming, this one); resting while listening to "Sweet Dreams" (this is highly unproductive); going to my favorite deli pub more than once weekly (this generally doesn't happen but sometimes it's my fave and then another one); tweeting more than once daily; and eating.  Activities to replace those time slots: Blackboard (I must post at least twelves times per week by my calculations); reading about sociology, economics, and commercial insurance; exercising while reading about sociology; sleeping while dreaming about macroeconomics with a slurping of the occasional drool as commercial insurance whets my senses.

What a griping life I seem to have presented to myself...

Life shouldn't be about finding yourself, it should be about creating yourself.  Although my life's depiction seems droll and colorless, ultimately it'll be as vivid as Munchkinland if I continue shaping it properly by building strong foundations of self-righteousness, perseverance, courage, and strength.  And, with the strong intention of building camaraderie between us, I leave you with the brilliant words of Steven Colbert (the "t" is silent):


P.S. Have I told ... you lately...  How very much I enjoy exclamation marks!?!?!?!!!!'

Make Poverty History!  What's your excuse?


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