Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Been a Long Week - Models

Somehow I just found this draft post so let's backtrack about a week, haha.. .. .

Found a new awesome website regarding models.  Looks very artsy, I think I will study it more.  I want to go shopping for some cute things, more makeup, and .. .  ACCESSORIES!!!  So fun!

I think I haven't even packed a quarter of my place.  (Yesterday while I was endeavoring to clean house, I noticed I would pick one thing up and sort it half way, leave it and walk somewhere else and begin sorting it, drop it in another corner of my apartment, and sit back down at the computer with another item in hand.  I don't seem to be very effective in my approach.  I wonder what the movers will say today when they walk in to retrieve my sofa.  lLolL)  Also, still not enough sleep.  My face is hating me right now.  I almost stayed home today being "sick" because of exhaustion.  Then I got up because I knew my boss wanted to have a meeting with me.  I get to work and she tells me she's working from home.  I totally had a feeling that would happen.  ha ha

Aren't I the lucky goose...

I am sad for no television and a weird schedule with lack of memory because I keep missing The Big Bang Theory and Two And A Half Men.  A friend recommended Glee as well, but I can't even keep track of one show let alone three.  Without doubt, I do not have my wits about me today.   Beginning today through. ... the next month or more I plan to be a homebody...  Oh wait, I already am a homebody ha.  Well, I meant a more productive homebody.  How can all my personals from a 700 sq.ft. apartment possibly fit into a single bedroom the size of my apartment closet?!  Serious structural reorganization and "mad skillz."  That takes an incredible amount of time because when I start something, I get rather meticulous.
Let me add that Californication is quite the brilliant tele show - very dramatic yet mellow, "real", and still so Hollywood.  I love David Duchovny's character because he's honest, sarcastic, a joker, messed up, and somehow so loving to his daughter and madly in love with his ex and somehow acts f-ed up.  Makes me laugh and want to cringe.  It really shows the complexity of relationships, the struggles we have growing up, learning from experiences, and endeavoring so hard to get back up on our feet.  Sex addict.  Ha ha ha

Now back to present date, I am slowly unpacking my belongings.  My back hurts from not having a desk but it's all right.  Currently listening to my Amy Winehouse radio station on Pandora.  It's playing great artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Feist, Bill Withers, John Legens - a bunch of great semi-disco, soul, R&B type beats.  Makes me want to groove, but it's not giving me much energy or motivation to clear up my humble abode, haha...

Looking for storage units and housing items online is so difficult!  I've been trying to find a shelving unit to place above the toilet in the restroom for more toiletries, maybe a shower caddy, sliding shower door (okay, really this is turning into more of a home improvement project for me than just my bedroom), a wall console, maybe a vanity...  The list goes on but maybe it's all wistful thinking.  I have decided to go to Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21 tomorrow to see what home items they offer.  Yes, I will admit that I have ulterior motives to going to those places - accessories!!!  Do you believe Anthro sells a ceramic rose ring for $78!?  That's quite buggerly.

I bid you sweet dreams, I'm tired, and I hope you have the most amazing day tomorrow!  Take care!


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